Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Review: Wallets Come and Wallets Go...

Disclaimer: I received my new wallet at a deep discount for exchange of my honest and unbiased review.

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About  10, might have been even more, but I can't remember when I got it. years ago I but this wallet.  I loved the look the compactness, and the plenty of space for all my cards.  Alas, as it goes my poor wallet has become worn out and since I down-graded the size of my purse, the wallet was getting too thick.
  My daughter has now taken over my old wallet.
Card pocket galore... both sides of middle flap.

Seriously, I am a mom, not a pack mule.  I like small purses now... Being able to tell my children that they need to keep track of their own things is a great feeling for me.  Even my toddler and preschoolers care their own diapers, wipes, change of clothes in a small backpack on their own back.  IT is so nice and others have even come need on how they like that idea.

OK sorry on my soap box.... back to my new wallet.
So, a month ago I signed up with I have been able to try and review products.  One of these products has been the (product name is linked to their amazon product page) Zipper With Bow Purse Credit Card Holder Wallet. It is a simple, adorable wallet, love the bow on front.  Also, it is zippered so it keeps things inside, and more secure.  The zipper is a nice contrasting gold color.  Now my main complaint about the whole thing is that in the name it states that it is leather. Maybe I don't know what leather looks like but I don't now where the leather is. There is pleather....  This wallet has a zipper coin pouch, the zipper wasn't closed properly but all I had to do was close and open the zipper and now it works fine.  I do miss all the card slots my old wallet had but, I have learned to clean out unused cards.  Woohoo.  My cash also lays flat instead of having to be folded over.

If you would like to see my YouTube review of this product click on the video link.

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