Monday, July 18, 2016

Review: Moody Zook Shoe Deodorizer

We all have and get stinky feet sometimes.  Come on admit it, sometimes there are days when you kick off your shoes and WOW!!!  Right,

When I saw these, shoe deodorizers, from Moody Zook  #getmoody  I was thinking of one member of my family in particular, Yeah all the stink is gone!!. Well, not so fast... Their shoes and feet stink all the time, can't stand it some days. We put these Shoe Deodorizers in their shoes for three nights straight and very little effect on the shoe or the foot odor. I then tried them on my own shoes, they have the normal daily foot smell and the difference was awesome...

The material is thin fabric is the type stiffer thinning you find under some skirts, Can't remember what it is called.  It looks like the edges are sewn together but if you really look at it, they are glued and stamped closed.

So lesson I learned using these Shoe Deodorizers --  on the shoes that have the normal ever day smell, or even a slightly sticky smell these worked fabulously. On the extra stinky, plow you over shoe odor, was not that great.

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I received this product from #getmoody free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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