Monday, August 22, 2016

Review: Sagano Natural Shoe and Room Deodorizer

 I have to state that these are a great deodorizer for the sticky feet smell to both take away and prevent. Put them in your shoes, leave them overnight and next morning your feet with be happy, along with your nose. Now that being said, we have some feet in the house that are WOW!! for these shoes they took some of the odor out but, it is still there, longer time withe the deodorizer is needed or other product like baking soda is added to help. Over all very impressed. I should get these shoe deodorizers for every member in my family this #saganofresh product.

I was really excited to to try the Room Deorderizer since I have a couple rooms that smell, one like a locker room the other, well I will leave that to the imagination ... I gave Sagano Home Odor Eliminator a try. It is made with bamboo and activated charcoal. All I had to do is remove the bag from the packaging and hung it up on a nail in the room the I wanted to freshen up. So much nicer than room spray that just covers up the odor and shoots out chemicals I don't want in my house. It took a couple days but the locker room smell has disappeared. Yeah!!! Now to put in the other room. Might have to buy a second one at full price at

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I received these products at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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